Tranquility Village

1927 Ford Pickup lives in the Front Garden.....

The Courtyard is full of Color

Nursery stock on display on April 26th

Most of the planting packs should be ready at the beginning of May of this year.

Fresh grown peas, lettuce, spinach, and beans can be seen around the yard. There is a wagon with a growing bed for Cilantro, Basil, chives, parsley, Marjoram, onions, sage, sweet Stevia, and other fresh herbs and spices are available for the cafe menu. We also have Fresh Herbs available for sale in the Garden Center.

While strolling about the Grounds and Gardens, you will notice many of the Fresh grown items in containers, raised beds, and pots getting ready for you !

Many of the Fresh Herbs and Garden greens served in the Cafe are being grown right here in the Greenhouse.

March, 2015   Everything is planted!